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My greatest passion in life is music, specifically singing. I am singing since childhood.
My first contact with a stage and a professional teaching singing was joining at age 11 for a girl's artistic troupe "Our Paka" conducted by Mrs. Aneta Gościniak. The team working at the time at Sroda Cultural Centre. Musicals we issued enjoyed enormous popularity not only among Wielkopolska, but also other inhabitants of our country. I belonged to him three years.Once you start learning in Sroda School No. 1 joined a musical group formed by Jolanta Zys, which taught us the basic vocal techniques. Performances, which we prepared, often ubarwiały life of our school. This group took over Agnieszka Orchowska. It was she who first started teaching me to sing individually.Also I attended classes taught by Mr. Zygmunt Piasecki (Średzki Cultural Centre). I would like to mention that at that time the Cultural Centre held Sunday family events, and in the course of the competition "The microphone for all", which was four times winner of the first place.In addition to school academy I performed well at events organized, among others, by Średzki Cultural Centre.Along with joining the Lyceum began to attend vocal classes to Ms. Anna Polowczyk, and at a later date, which takes place today, to Ms. Arleta Dzitko.Since 2004 I work with a company POLARIS Lord Arthur Hoffmann. Through Him I have the possibility of a larger scale than ever before.To his credit I concerts for various institutions m.in .: Concert for employees Berker, a concert of carols for Kornik Fire, a concert of carols for Kórnik Society for Social Welfare, a concert of carols for the highest authorities of the Police in Poznan, concert for children during Kórnik Song Festival , in which young performers participated actively playing song. Together with v. Arthur Hoffmann and KTPS Ms Krystyna Janicka led organized a charity concert for Kamilka Baranowski of Borovets, which total income was allocated to treatment the boy. Every year I take an active participant in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity ubarwiając his person artistic program in such places as Wednesday Wlkp., Swarzędz and Kórnik. His five minutes I was also in September 2005. and r.podczas 2006 Nationwide Championship Confectionery and Bakery, which took place at the International Fair. I sang when such celebrities as m.in Kombi and Robert Janowski.W 2005 and 2006 gave over 90 concerts in such places as: Wednesday Wlkp., Kornik, Poznan, Stoneware, Mosina, Rogalin, Bnin, Czmoń, Wąsowo, Pławce, Czarnotki, Wolica Kozia, Mączniki, Murzynowo The church, Swarzędz, kociałkowa górka, Zaniemyśl, Srem. Some of these events ran(Ceremonies).

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